12 November 2020


Voltage detector DTI 

Main Features:
Latest generation of smart voltage detector, using "direct contact" technology and self-adaptingsensors performing an environmental scan.
Continuous self-checking systems ensures the integrity of the DTI even after performing a self-test. (Operation of sensors, consistency of measurements, detection threshold, battery level, etc.).
Stability of the detection level no matter what the distance from the ground, the surrounding disturbances in phase or in opposition.
Recording of the threshold by self-learning on real voltage.
Complies with IEC 61243-1 (latest edition) for the voltage range from 1 to 69kV.

Stability of measurements:
The latest generation of sensors combined with powerful calculation algorithms allow the DTI to maintain an extremely stable detection threshold.
On the laboratory test bench, as on eld installations, the stability of the detection level greatly exceeds the normative requirements of the IEC standard, even for the more recent version of the standard.
Rejecting surrounding voltages, the DTI will not give an indication of the presence of voltage if it is in contact with a de-energized piece of equipment, even if a voltage source is nearby.
Even in extreme cases (illustrated on the photo to the right), the DTI is able to provide an indication of the presence of nominal voltage exceeding the detection threshold recommended by the IEC standard.
This extreme precision has enabled us to integrate the "Voltmeter" functionality (phase-to-ground voltage measurement) with real-time reading on the Nbox-II operator module

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