12 November 2020


Warning device FlashIndicator

Description :
The FI alarm is a unique device; it attaches most often to the end of a grounding pole.
He scrutinizes the AC voltage levels around him.
In case of high level, the FI warning device will give a cadenced visual indication
proportional to the voltage level encountered.
No need to turn on the alarm FI because its microprocessor measures and
analyzes its environment permanently.
Press the test area to check the correct operation and the battery level of the device

Specifications :
Integrated self-test.
Internal fault indication.
9V battery power
Low consumption (6 months of autonomy.)
Battery level indication low.
All time use.
Robust case.
3D sensor for a complete analysis of the
High brightness indication with variable cadence
proportional to the voltage level.
Fully insulated (no metal parts)

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