13 November 2020

VI 2.0

Voltage indicator VI 2.0

Description :
The VI 2.0 voltage indicator is a new generation contact device, it is
equipped with our most powerful and advanced disruption inhibitor algorithm.
No indication of approach, contact is required.
It covers the whole standard voltage range from 1KV to 52kV.
When voltage is present, the VI 2.0 gives a precise indication of the level of
voltage of the equipment.

Spécifications :
Automatic switch ON or with button
Integrated self-test.
Failure indication.
Unversal spline for hostick attachement.
9V battery operated
Low consumption.
Both powerfull audible and visual alarms.
Low battery indication.
Automatic standby.
Can be used on 50Hz and 60Hz systems.
Water resistant/gasketed housing.
Rugged polycarbonate housing for heavy 􀃶eld use.
Requires operator unit N-Box for the
indication of the voltage level.

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